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Small, carefully curated groups of people just like you. Together.  Outdoors.  Walking day after day through different mountain valleys in some of the most breathtaking but undiscovered regions in the world.  Meeting locals along the way.  Drinking from glacier-fed streams.  Reveling in the silence. Laughing.  Sharing stories.  Returning each evening to comfortable alpine accommodation where hearty local wine and cuisine await.  Falling into bed each night tired but revitalized.  Eager for tomorrow and the new adventure that it is sure to bring.

This is what you can expect from a trekking holiday with Adrian.




summer 2019


Wild, mysterious and enchanting, Svaneti is a remote, little-known province of Georgia locked deep in the Caucaus mountains between Europe and Asia.  Surrounded by snow-capped 5000m peaks, it is a land so isolated that its culture, language and traditions have survived the onslaught of Arab, Mongol, Persian, Ottoman and Soviet invaders for centuries.  To defend themselves, the fierce Svan mountain tribes built high koshki, or stone tower-houses, to protect villagers during times of attack.  Constructed between the 9th and 13th centuries, around 175 koshkebi remain intact to this day.  They are the centrepieces of the high mountain fortress-villages in the region, all of whom are listed as UNESCO world heritage sites.

Though still remote and unspoiled with a distinctly medieval feel, the allure of the Svaneti region is gradually becoming known among the world’s more discerning travellers.  This has resulted in gradual improvements in roads, an airport, a ski station, and budding tourism infrastructure.  Nevertheless, when compared to the rest of the world, tourism remains in a state of relative infancy in the region.  This is all the more reason to come and visit now.