Finding words you didn’t know you had.
To say things you didn’t know you knew


I create short films.  Films that tell a universal human story. Films that bear powerful witness to the courage and resilience of the human spirit.  

These films take many forms.  Legacy portraits that reflect back on life and lessons learned. Snapshots of the present you for a child to open in adulthood.  Vision statements that help clarify your way forward.  And many other kinds besides.

My films have one thing in common:  They are all journeys into the backcountry of the human heart.  Journeys to places rarely visited, where you sometimes stumble upon truths you did not know you were looking for. Journeys from which you might return with new meaning and understanding.

Contact me about creating a film to mark – and to clarify - your journey.

"Talking about my experience of grief, about my travels, and the discoveries I made along the way has not always been easy. I needed to trust someone to hold this information, to honour my journey.  Adrian did this for me. He is patient and calm. He knows what it means to fully listen, to really hear."

– Becky