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True leadership begins within. It begins with a clear understanding of why you do what you do each day and why that is important.

The experience of sitting before the video camera is a journey into the centre of that ‘why’. It is a journey past the story you usually tell the world, into a region where words inevitably fall away and you are left in silence. 

Those with the patience and courage to remain in this space are often surprised and rewarded by what comes next. They begin to articulate truths they didn’t know they knew. Deeply-held truths about Who they truly are, What they truly want to create in the world, and Why it matters so much to them. Truths that result in more conscious, authentic leadership in the world.

I know the way to this place. Contact me for a film experience that will take you there.

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"Patience. Adrian painstakingly crafts an environment in which you will be listened to. His thoughtful questions open valleys of thought and invite you to meander, to stray, to find the light, and to find the shadows. The narrative, as revealed by Adrian, cast light and meaning on the path I have been walking; he brought me closer to myself."  - Ron Lalonde, Dubai, U.A.E.

"When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

When Adrian suggested I go on this journey, little did I know that I would be unpacking a life time of pent up emotions. An incredibly therapeutic experience which has the added benefit of having my recorded story forever on hand to refer back to later in life. 

If you're willing to open your heart, confront the emotion and talk about your experience, be it a sad one, a happy one or a traumatic one, you won't ever regret that you did!"

Thank you Adrian!  Janine, Dubai, U.A.E


“Legacy is at the heart of hospice work and Adrian's ability to capture the vitality of my life work has been transformative. Working with Adrian unveiled a distinct clarity of vision as I move into a new phase of life. Adrian helped me uncover what was there all along, waiting to be told, days after my own father had just been admitted to hospice. He has a beautiful way of gently rolling back the layers of time with the gift of presence."  Heather M.M., Vancouver, B.C.

"The experience of filming my video with Adrian was a very relaxed one.  It was a window into what makes me tick and my thoughts and feeling about my therapy work. Adrian's skill is in allowing you to take the stage and encouraging you to have the confidence to speak about yourself without hardly any prompting, allowing the subject matter to just flow. Strange in a way to watch and listen to oneself.  Interestingly, I learnt things about myself I probably would never have realized or vocalized. Adrian is a very talented film maker."  Angela Winbolt, Serenity Cabin Holistic Therapy, Seaford, U.K.

"I decided to do this work with Adrian to find a voice around the challenge I was experiencing with change in my life.  Adrian creates an environment both with his presence and guidance that helps you calmly go deeply into the issue you want to explore or articulate.  Watching myself on the video was very moving and helped me feel for my own challenge in an empathic and caring way which left me feeling good about myself in a rich and open way."  Saskia Roland, B.C.