Patience. Adrian painstakingly crafts an environment in which you will be listened to. His thoughtful questions open valleys of thought and invite you to meander, to stray, to find the light, and to find the shadows. The narrative, as revealed by Adrian, cast light and meaning on the path I have been walking; he brought me closer to myself.  - Ron Lalonde

When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

When Adrian suggested I go on this journey, little did I know that I would be unpacking a life time of pent up emotions. An incredibly therapeutic experience which has the added benefit of having your recorded story forever on hand to refer back to later in life. 

If you're willing to open your heart, confront the emotion and talk about your experience, be it a sad one, a happy one or a traumatic one, you won't ever regret that you did! 

Thank you Adrian!