About Adrian

I’ve spent my entire professional life on the move.  As an educator I’ve wandered the globe for more than fifteen years teaching and counselling children at international schools in Finland, Ecuador, Singapore, Egypt and Dubai. Along the way, I’ve had the great good fortune of being able to hike and explore some of the most remote and spectacular mountain and wilderness regions in the world, from the Indian Himalayas to the Andes to the high desert ranges of Oman.  Always drawn silently, as Rumi might say, by the strange pull of something that I loved, but did not fully understand.

Understanding only came in my early forties when I moved to live amid the temperate rainforests of coastal British Columbia.  It was there, while working as a school counsellor in Squamish, that I first realized that hiking in the outdoors was, in fact, a deeply contemplative act; there that I finally understood what conservationist John Muir meant when he said ‘going out was really going in’.  This new understanding led me to develop Cedar Path Counselling, a trail-based counselling practice for adults who wanted to explore life transition through the lens of the natural world.  It also led me to create InnerLandscapes, a lodge-based wilderness retreat company dedicated to helping people explore life transition through the combined lenses of poetry, hiking and the natural world.

Backcountry Treks and Films is built firmly on these foundations.  My goal, whether on film or on foot, is to take people on journeys of self-discovery.

All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.
— Friedrich Nietzsche